Once a week (weather permitting) on Wednesdays at noon we test the county tornado siren.


          In the event there is a tornado warning, we will set off the siren for the area in the county that have sirens. The warning siren is a long wail. Once the all clear is given from the National Weather Service, we will set off another siren that goes hi-low to let you know that the warning has passed. When you hear your area's siren it is important that you tune to your radio or TV and monitor the weather.

                                 Where are tornado sirens located?

                                     - Bradford

                                     - Russell

                                     - Rosebud

                                     - Georgetown

                                     - Garner

                                     - Griffithville

                                     - Higginson

                                     - Judsonia

                                     - Kensett

                                     - West Point

                                     - McRae

                                     - Pangburn

                                     - Letona

If you would like to know what the siren sounds like go to: 

put the red dot on "wail" - this is the sound we use for a torado warning

put the red dot on "all clear" - this is the sound we use when the treat is over 


            Contact the Office of Emergency Management (279-6277) in reference to grants for building tornado shelters on your property.



            If you come in contact with a road that is flooded it is safest NOT TO CROSS THE WATER. It may seem to be just a small amount of water, however you do not know if the road has washed away or how deep the water actually is. If you need assistance with flooding call the Office of Emergency Management (279-6277).


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