White County 911 Communication Center

                                                                                417 N Spruce

                                                                     Searcy, Arkansas 72143





Our county is made up of 1034 miles of land, with approx. 67,165 citizens.  Throughout White County there are four 911 Dispatch centers:

                                          - Searcy Police 911 handles the City of Searcy (PSAP)

                                          - Bald Knob Police handles the City of Bald Knob

                                          - Beebe handles the City of Beebe

                                          - White County 911 (PSAP)


   Our 911 center dispatches for the White County Sheriffs Department, Judsonia Police Department, Kensett Police Department, Pangburn Police Department, Rose Bud Police Department, and Higginson Police Department. We dispatch 30 different volunteer fire departments and first responders.

 Our 911 Center is non-profit and is governed by a board of volunteers from each area of the county. Our center fall under the County Judge, Michael Lincoln.


911 Board Members:

                              Chairman        Kyle Osborne               Searcy

                              Vice Chairman  Bobby Armstrong       Judsonia

                                                      Josh Chambliss          Bald Knob

                                                      Lawrence Dacus        Rosebud

                                                      John Swint                 South


 The primary mission of the White County 911 Center is to provide dispatch and emergency communications functions for all emergency response agencies dispatched by White County 911. The first and foremost priority for White County 911 Communications will always be emergency responder safety. Additionally, we will never lose sight of the fact that the citizens of White County entrust their safety and well-being to our care. White County 911Communications has made a commitment to provide the citizens of White County with the fastest and most efficient response to emergency calls possible. It is our promise to constantly evolve with the ever-changing arena of emergency communications, never resting on our laurels or allowing ourselves to become complacent where human life is concerned.

 Communications Dispatchers perform a full range of radio and telephone operational duties in this 24 hour facility. Dispatchers are required to process and prioritize incoming calls for police, fire and EMS assistance. 

We have six 911 lines:

                       - 3 dedicated for residental/business phones

                       - 3 dedicated for cellular phones

We have four non-emergency administrative lines.

Our 911 Center averages 1851 - 911 calls a month and 10,842 administrative calls a month. Just because the phone is not ringing doesn't mean there isn't work to be done. There are law enforcement officers on the radio that have requests, fire departments that need to be dispatched to calls, running license plates and driver license, and when other departments dispatcher is inundated with calls we may receive their over flow of calls from 911 or the officers on our radio.  Dispatchers are required to process and prioritize incoming calls for police, fire and ambulance assistance.




                   Any questions, concerns or comments, contact Nancy - whitecounty911@yahoo.com or 501-279-6231

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